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Bourne Club - Rules

1.  Status

1.1. The Bridge Section is a subsection of The Bourne Club Limited (“the Club”), and operates within the Rules of the Club. Where there may be any conflict between Bridge Section Rules and the Rules of the Club, the Rules of the Club shall override.

2.  Object

2.1. The object of the Bridge Section is to play, teach, and promote the game of bridge in an environment which its members find sociable, enjoyable, and pleasantl. The Club reserves the right to refuse an applicant without giving an explanation.

3.  Membership of the Bridge Section

3.1. Any member of the Bourne Club (Category “Bronze, Silver or Gold”) wishing to join the Bridge Section is required to attend up to six of its organised sessions as a guest, paying table money, but no guest fee, during which time their application is considered.

3.2. The Club accepts members who will play bridge only (“Bridge Members”), and no other sport or activity. Prospective Bridge members, are required to play bridge at the Club at any of the Bridge Section’s organised sessions up to six occasions as a guest, (see paragraph 4) during which time their application is considered.

Applicants must then be proposed in accordance with the Rules of the Club. If their application is accepted they may then play at any of the Club duplicate sessions. The Club reserves the right to refuse an applicant without giving an explanation

4.  Guests

4.1. The Club is a private club for members only, but members may invite guests to any weekly bridge sessions.

4.2 Guests will pay a guest fee of £1 and must be accompanied and play with the member who invited them.

4.3 Guests may only play six times in the period 1st July to 30th June each year.

4.4 From time to time it may be appropriate to allow a guest or guests to play without being accompanied by a member but this may only happen if permission to play is obtained by the guest or guests from the Bridge Section Committee prior to the event.

The Club reserves the right to refuse a guest without giving an explanation.

5.  Subscriptions and Charges

5.1. Entry fees and subscription rates for all classes of membership are determined by the Club Management Committee, and are introduced on 1st July annually.

5.2 Other charges, which include table money at and guest fees, are determined by the Club’s Finance and Admin Committee whenever appropriate. Current rates are available at the Club Office.

6.  Bridge Section Committee Management Responsibilities

6.1. The Bridge Section is managed by a Committee of between six and eight members, who are elected at the Bridge Section’s Annual General Meeting. The Committee elects its Chairman.

6.2. The Committee shall meet periodically, or if specially requested by any committee member for a particular purpose. At all meetings a quorum shall be at least two thirds of committee members. Minutes of the meetings shall be recorded.

6.3. Within the framework of the Club, the Committee shall:

▪   Administer the Bridge Section.

▪   Decide Bridge Section policy matters.

▪   Organise a programme of events in pursuance of the Objects of the Bridge Section.

▪   Publish the Weekly Programme, a Diary of Events, and a List of Members.

Committee Membership

6.4. Nominations for members to fill vacancies on the committee, duly proposed and seconded, shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary by not less than two weeks before the Bridge Section AGM. No member may propose or second more than one nomination.

6.5. A committee member may serve on the Committee continuously for a period of up to three years, and by rotation must then either retire or offer themselves annually for re- election at the AGM. Spouses may not serve together on the Committee.

6.6. The Committee may co-opt members to fill casual vacancies that arise during the year. Such co-opted members shall hold office until the next AGM, and will then be eligible for election.

7.  Bridge Section Annual General Meeting

7.1. The Bridge Section AGM shall be held at the Club in April, the date to be promulgated at least one month in advance. The Secretary shall publish an agenda not less than two weeks before the AGM.

7.2. At the meeting, the Chairman shall preside, and the following business shall be conducted:

▪   Chairman’s report

▪   Election of Committee (paras 6.4 to 6.6).

▪   Any Other Business. Any member wishing to raise a matter under this heading is required to communicate it to the Secretary at least three weeks before the AGM, so that it may be included in the agenda and be properly considered beforehand.

7.3. Voting at the AGM shall be by members present only; each member shall have one vote and there shall be no postal or proxy votes. Motions shall be carried by a simple majority of more than half those present. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

8.  Etiquette

8.1. In order to preserve its reputation as a Club with an enjoyable playing environment, and to prevent embarrassment to others, a pleasant atmosphere is to be maintained at all times. In particular, the following rules are to be observed:

▪   Misunderstandings between partners are to be resolved outside the bridge room after play ceases. Arguments and criticism at the table exhibit bad manners, and are not acceptable behaviour.

▪   Instructions given by those members who volunteer to organise and direct playing events are to be observed. At duplicate bridge, players are not to argue at the table with decisions made by the Director. The Laws of Bridge, which include a procedure for Appeals, permit players to question decisions in an orderly and civilized manner at the end of the session and, if appropriate, to be compensated then.


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