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The Bourne Club is delighted to partner with leading racket sport brands and providers to ensure Members have access to top quality merchandise and equipment.

Drop Shot UK will be working alongside The Club, providing high quality Padel equipment, at a reduced cost to Members.  The Club has a selection of demo rackets for players to try before making a decision to purchase. Padel rackets, bags, balls, shoes and accessories are available.

For further information take a look at the Drop Shot catalogue here

Discounts are available to Members; prices are shown in the brochure here

The Bourne Club has teamed up with a leading brand for sports clothing, Adidas.  Members can purchase Club branded clothing, including winter coats, jackets, playing tops and hoodies.  Available in navy and white in both Adult and Junior sizes.  Some items are available for immediate purchase from the Office or Coaching Hub.

For further information, click on the link below.

Bourne Club Adidas Clothing

Racket Stringing

At the Bourne Club you will find a first rate stringing service run through the year. We have a wide range of strings available for Tennis, Squash and Badminton. The stringing is done by one of our experienced coaches who will let you know when their work is done.

The Academy coaches are more than happy to advise you over your choice of string and the tension you need the string to be in the racket.

Please see our string availability and prices Bourne Club_Stringing

Pure Racket Sport is a local rackets shop specialising in Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Racketball, Table Tennis, Short Tennis and Padel.  Owner, Ian Mitchell, is a Member of the Club and has provided the Club Coaches will excellent tennis racket contracts for the major brands, ensuring Members have access to trying rackets before purchase.  If you are looking for a new racket, why not speak to the coaching team for further information.

Pure Racket Sport also supply clothing, shoes and other equipment for all racket sports.  Members will receive 15% discount on all Adidas products sold in the shop; this forms part of the Club’s Adidas Corporate deal.

Contact Mitch direct for further information; remember to quote your Bourne Club membership ID to obtain your Adidas discount.


Tel: 01252 717214



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