Tennis Equipment & Stringing

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Our Academy coaches offer the opportunity to purchase new rackets off them, and also to get your racket restrung if you break a string or find they are too loose. If you play tennis once a week you should look to get your racket restrung once a year to ensure you keep the performance of the strings up to the standard you require. Having your strings at the right tightness will enhance your game, and depending on the time of year you may require different string strength. The seasonal changes within tennis will have an impact on how well you control the ball. Winter the balls are heavier, and the ball travels slower through the air, whereas in the summer the ball travels quicker meaning you require more control. To find out more about what strings would be best for you, or to have your racket restrung please speak to any of our Academy coaches.

James is sponsored by Wilson so will be able to provide you the opportunity to purchase a Wilson racket

Justin is sponsored by Head, so speak to him if you are looking for a new Head racket.

If you are looking for other brands please speak to the coaches about this and they will see what they can do for you.

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